Single people are the fastest growing demographic, with more solo households
today than at any point in our history.

And yet, being alone is often viewed as a state of limbo before we meet “the one” to “complete” us.

What if the one you’ve been looking for is you? Could embracing your single status rather than fearing it be the key to a happy life?

To leave “well enough alone” means to stop trying to change something that is already good enough.

In this groundbreaking new podcast, best-selling author and award-winning journalist, Jill Stark rewrites the “sad and lonely” single script and invites listeners to celebrate a way of life that can be expansive and fulfilling.

She talks to inspiring guests about what they’ve learned from doing life solo, and interviews leading experts in psychology, human behaviour, business and health about how to thrive alone.

In a series of powerful conversations, high profile figures like TV personality, Yvie Jones, curve model, Jess King and football commentator, Megan Waters, recall some of their most vulnerable life moments in stories they’ve never shared before.

Jill also speaks with the world’s leading expert on single life, Harvard professor of psychology, Dr Bella DePaulo about her pioneering research, which shows that contrary to popular belief, people who are “single at heart” actually get happier as they age.

And she examines the highs and lows of solo living – from choosing to be child-free or single parenting, to the challenges of managing a budget on one income, navigating loneliness, or dipping your toe in the dating pool.

Whether you’re happily single, trying to get comfortable with your solo status, or partnered and looking to carve out more time for yourself, Well Enough Alone is a podcast that empowers you to live your life your way.

Well Enough Alone is a Spare Room production 


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